The Hunchback and the Ladybird

Alex dawson hunchback ladybird mipcom2016 2
Alex dawson 0 01 glows into forest
'follow the mystery'
Alex dawson ladybird on terracemaster def best latest latest2 diff angle2
ladybird on terrace
Alex dawson ladybirdonrooftop
ladybird on rooftop
Alex dawson ladybird detail
ladybird on rooftop - detail
Alex dawson hunchback enters town

At twilight on a full moon night, 2 Nature Spirits journey from deep within the Earth Realm, arriving in a mysterious Ghost City which rises out of the Ocean. In a world where Human's separation from Nature is threatening the life force of the planet, our heroes embark on a perilous adventure to restore the balance.

Watercolour, charcoal, oil on glass, ink + digital